The mission of Literacy Volunteers Ontario - Yates, Inc. (LVOY) is to provide adults the literacy skills needed to reach their full potential as individuals, parents, workers and citizens.

Why We're Successful...

We use highly qualified, committed tutors who are trained in student-centered learning. We provide tutoring that is specifically geared to each student's particular learning style. We set mutual goals that are realistic and attainable. We offer scheduling that is flexible and accommodating for both the student and tutor.

LVOY is an accredited program of ProLiteracy. Find out more about ProLiteracy here...

How We Can Help

We are an organization that focuses on student-centered learning. This means that we match people who have specific needs with a tutor who will work with them for up to two hours a week to reach their goal(s). The tutoring sessions are held at a mutually-agreed upon location where they can meet confidentially to work on the student's goals.

For Corporations and Businesses: If you are in search of entry level employees, you may have noticed that there is a large pool of potential employees who lack their high school diploma or GED or lack English speaking skills. You may also have current employees who would be good candidates for promotion but you are unable to promote them due to their literacy levels or lack of GED. We can help you meet the needs of your company by matching these employees with a tutor to help them work toward their literacy goals!

How You Can Help

"There is no greater joy than teaching an adult to read, to share that excitement when everything comes together for your student."

There are many ways that you can contribute your talents and experience the reward of bringing the gift of literacy to adult learners in Ontario and Yates County.

  • Literacy Volunteer Tutor
  • Office Volunteer
  • Special Event Volunteer
  • Annual/Memorial Giving
  • Planned/Estate Giving
  • Corporate Initiatives
  • Fundraising Opportunitites

News and Events

Mark your calendars - 14th annual Adult Spelling Bee

Spelling BeeOur 14th annual Adult Spelling Bee will kick-off at 1 p.m. Feb. 28 in the Geneva High School Auditorium. In addition to the competition, we’ll have a used book sale (donations welcome beforehand!), bake sale and soups available.

We are currently looking for teams, sponsors and other donations. The entry fee is $300 per team. All of the money raised at “The Bee” supports services for Ontario and Yates county adults who need literacy tutoring or assistance preparing for a high school equivalency test. Here are a few great ways to get involved:

  • Recruit a team by talking it up among family, friends or coworkers.
  • Sponsor a team if you don’t want to compete. Representatives of many area non-profits would be glad to stand in for you or your business, and you’ll receive sponsorship credit in our promotional materials.
  • Sponsor the event by making a significant contribution, and your company logo will be included on all posters and in the program.
  • Make a donation, because investing in literacy is a great way to invest in the life of your community.
  • Attend the event to show your support for literacy.

For more information, called Donna Cotter at (585) 396-1686.

2015 Spelling Bee Winners
2015 Spelling Bee Winners

The Impact of Literacy

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